Giving Back To The Community in Maryville, TN

Here at Grind Sports, we are all about giving back. Here are a few ways we are currently making a difference.

TN Youth Athletic Foundation

TN Youth Athletic Foundation, Inc. (TYAF) is a non-profit organization that focuses on assisting children with needs via youth sports.

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League Baseball Team Cheering Behind Wire Fence - Baseball Coaching in Maryville, TN
Grind Sports is in direct partnership with the non-profit, TN Youth Athletic Foundation (TYAF). Grind Sports, Inc. provides a kid first, professional, and family oriented training facility that teaches young men and women the fundamental skills of youth sports. Grind Sports, Inc. firmly stands behind God, family, and the community. We believe in providing positive environments through special events/training that showcase the importance of hard work, ministry, future goals, academics, teamwork, and all aspects that will lead to a promising future.

Grind Sports scholarship program was created to:

  1. Maintain community service through donations and charitable contributions for the purchase of equipment, supplies, and other such items.
  2. Provide a tax deduction for those donating and contributing;
  3. Provide scholarships to underprivileged youths through personal instruction, life needs, equipment, and mentoring.

The scholarships and equipment will allow those, who otherwise wouldn't be able, to participate. The scholarships also will give those who have a true talent the opportunity to excel and develop their skill into a gratifying and sustainable future.

Ministry & Bible Study

Glorify and honor God in ALL we say and do. Teach youth how to use the skills they have been blessed with to build and glorify the kingdom of God.

Daily Scripture

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