Our Vision

Baseball, Bat, Batting Gloves & Helmet at Home Plate - Baseball Instruction in Maryville, TN
You get out of it, what you put into it. Here at Grind Sports we believe in preparing young men and women for their futures in school athletics, both mentally and physically.

Our certified and professional instructors guarantee to get the most out of young athletes. We teach the importance of life goals and how those goals can become accomplishments through hard work and dedication as well as the importance of teamwork.


"Grind baseball is a very competitive baseball team and program. Josh has been great with my child and given great instruction. I would highly recommend Josh for anyone wanting their kid in a great program that betters them in baseball and the mental side of the game."
Tim M.
"My 14 year old son has trained and played, on and off, for Josh since he was 10. We could never thank Josh enough for all of his hard work, dedication to the kids and time, and it's been ALOT. He has spent countless hours through the years working to help any and every kid that he could. Whether it be in a cage hitting, pitching, going through workouts or SAQ, explaining tactics, applying life lessons, or just having conversation or pep talks; Josh has always done what he could do to help. We are very grateful for helping develop our son into the baseball player he is today. "
Sarah W.
"Our son Colin has always loved Baseball more than any other sport he tried. We had noticed that he would work harder on Baseball and wanted as much of it as he could get. About six months ago we decided to get him extra help because he wanted to take his game to the next level. We had a younger boy on our team who was getting lessons from Josh Pitts and we couldn’t help but notice how his hitting was improving. So we started doing lessons with Josh. Then recently, we started doing work outs with Brian. Through all these lessons and work at home we have seen Colin improve greatly in his strength and hitting. He also feels very encouraged and believed in by these men. We are thankful for the investment of the folks at The Grind. They have helped grow our son’s baseball skills and his confidence."
Sara S.
"As a parent who has been involved in baseball all his life, I realized it was time to transition my son from playing under the old ball player and coach (Dad) to more specialized instruction and training. The Grind could not have been better for him! The level of experience, sincerity and passion they have for the game of baseball, and their willingness to help kids succeed were all reasons that we chose The Grind and we couldn’t be happier. My son has thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with the staff, has been taught baseball skills in a manner which has allowed him to grasp the details and relate it to his own growing success, and has reinforced his passion for the game of baseball. Josh runs a top notch program from hitting, to pitching, to training, to fundamentals, to overall mental growth for the game of baseball in youngsters. I’m sure there are many other very good baseball training facilities and programs out there, but for us The Grind is the only place we will train for baseball!"
David F.
"We have been affiliated with Grind sports for about 6 months. We have been very impressed with every aspect of the organization, including their philosophy with emphasis on the well being and growth of our son. They emphasize hard work to gain physical strength, as well as keeping up good grades and assist in spiritual growth.They provide a very positive environment whether it’s a practice, game or clinic. Our son has gained excellent instruction and confidence from this coaching team. They are truly dedicated to the sport and it shows in everything they say and do. We highly recommend Josh Pitts for his coaching expertise and Brian Long for his physical conditioning programs."
Amy & Mario M.